What is your projected annual savings with solar energy?

Solar Analysis of Stone Mansion

Solar Analysis of Stone Mansion

Thanks to Scott Surovell’s Facebook post for sharing a great tool: The  “Northern Virginia Solar Map” created “by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission to demonstrate to homeowners and business owners how much solar energy can be generated by the rooftop of their home and/or business.” 

As a member of Stoneybrooke, I feel this could be a viable energy alternative for myself and many other residents, especially those homes who face north.  This technology may not be the best fit for every Stoneybrooke residence; however, I found it fascinating to see the potential savings. My home showed a projected annual savings of $620.  Clicking around, I saw several above the $1,000 project annual savings mark.  At what point does an installation become cost effective? The site Solar Power Rocks provides some insights and tools for residents to explore.

A timely “Fresh Air” by NPR aired on 8/22 (“Aging and Unstable, The Nation’s Electrical Grid is ‘The Weakest Link’“) and is a good listen/read on the topic of renewable energy and briefly discusses residential solar.

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