Stoneybrooke SCA Now Accepting Venmo Payments

Beginning in 2021, The SCA is now accepting more electronic payments, with the initial launch being Venmo!
(Use this easy QR code from your phone or click the link above!)

The Stoneybrooke Citizens Association (SCA) is a volunteer only organization. The SCA:

  • Collects and shares current events from around the community through the Sentinel
  • Coordinates with local government organizations to speak at 3 annual neighborhood meetings
  • Plans, promotes, and hosts social and holiday events

Here are 5 great reasons to become an SCA member today!

  • It’s only $20 for the whole year! That’s just $1.67 a month!
  • Your dues go towards fun events that bring neighbors together and create fun memories for the kids.
  • Did you know that you can only vote if you are a paying member?
  • Having a nice website adds value in this digital age. Dues pay for web hosting fees.
  • Dues money pays for upgrades like the new Stoneybrooke fencing.

I’m ready to join!

Our official charter: “promote the interests of the residents of Stoneybrooke subdivision in improving our community, and in promoting the growth and development of the children residing in Stoneybrooke subdivision, and in living in a friendly community” … Become a member today!

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