Spring 2018 Stoneybrooke Yard Sale

I still am amazed each yard sale weekend when I wake up and peer outside to find a flurry of activity and cars parked throughout our often quiet streets.  It’s wonderful to walk around the neighborhood on a crisp spring or spring morning and see all the items finding second homes to the numerous visitors driving around looking for deals.

The next Stoneybrooke Community Yard Sale is coming up next week (Saturday, May 5, 2016). If you have questions, please e-mail scaboard@stoneybrooke.org and someone will respond to you quickly. There is no charge to setup a table, this is part of the $20/annual Stoneybrooke Citizen’s Association (SCA) membership and we encourage all residents to join and support this and the other activities sponsored by the SCA.

The SCA will be advertising for this event through signs posted around the area as well as posting ads online to various local online communities a. Please reach out if you have any ideas for future iterations of this event or new ways to get the word out for this bi-annual event. This is held the first Saturday each May and October, with a rain-date the following Sunday.

Advertised time is 8:00a – 2:00p; however, many of the enthusiast yard-sale shoppers are out earlier than 8:00a and will drive through the neighborhood. Feel free to setup during any time outside of this window.

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