Becoming a member of the Stoneybrooke Citizens Association is easy and inexpensive!

Membership in the SCA is voluntary, but the dues collected fund our valuable community resources including the Stoneybrooke Sentinel newsletter, the neighborhood directory, community events, and this website! Becoming an SCA member also affords your household voting rights for issues such as by-law amendments.

Our membership year spans the calendar year from January 1 through December 31 and dues are $20 per year.  Dues are payable on a pro rata basis for new residents or returning absentee homeowners. Those becoming residents during the first six months of the membership year must pay the full membership, whereas those becoming residents during the last half of the year must pay $10.00.

For more information about membership, including who can become a member, please see the current SCA by-laws.

To join the Stoneybrooke Citizens Association, please download, print and mail your completed membership form along with a check for the appropriate dues to the SCA treasurer at the mailing address provided on the form.

Electronic payment methods are now being accepted as well. For each, please include in the message your name and Stoneybrooke address:
o Paypal — Address is
o Venmo — Beginning in 2021, Venmo is now available!
o Zelle — Coming soon

Alternatively, dues can be paid in person at any of our community meetings (dates and times advertised on the community event calendar and in the Stoneybrooke Sentinel newsletter) or by contacting the treasurer ahead of time through this website. 

Download the SCA Membership Form

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