Utilities and Other Area Contacts


Electric – Dominion Power

Natural Gas – Washington Gas

Water – Fairfax Water

Waste Removal

Stoneybrooke is not serviced by county waste collection, nor is there a community-wide contract with any provider.  Each homeowner must contract with a waste collection service individually.  Fairfax County maintains a list of permitted, residential waste collection companies.

Fairfax County Permitted Solid Waste Collection Companies

Contacts for Problems and Disputes

Many problems can be resolved by simply discussing the issue with your neighbors.  Before getting the County involved, please attempt to resolve disputes directly. Complaints to the County can be made anonymously, meaning the County will not release the name of the complainant. However, you will have to provide your name when making a complaint.

If the County agencies are unresponsive in resolving a complaint, please notify the Lee District Supervisor’s office at 703-971-6262.

Department of Code Compliance | 703.324.1300

  • Construction without a permit
  • Illegal home businesses (including vehicle repair)
  • Apartment in a single family home/too many people in a home
  • Noise, daytime, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (including barking dogs)
  • Junk and debris in yard
  • Property unsafe/in disrepair
  • Commercial vehicles parked on private property
  • Vehicles parked on lawn
  • Grass more than 12″ tall in front, back, or side yard

Police (Non-Emergency)703.691.2131

  • Noise, evening, night, early morning (including barking dogs)
  • Commercial vehicles parked on street
  • Inoperative vehicles parked on private property

Health Department | 703.246.2300

  • Rats
  • Improper disposal of garbage

Animal Control | 703.691.2131

  • Keeping livestock or poultry
  • Potentially rabid animals
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Failure to clean up after dog
  • Dogs running loose

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