Revival of the Stoneybrooke Citizens Association (SCA)

Several residents attended the second interest meeting concerning the revival of the SCA on Thursday, March 17th, hosted by Dona Sauer. The meeting began with a visit from Yvette Merkinson, the manager from the USPS station responsible for Stoneybrooke mail delivery. Ms. Merkinson listened to the neighborhood complaints and asked the group to document its concerns in a letter to the USPS.

On May 9th, former SCA Chairman Mike Jurkowski and current SCA Board members, Secretary John Finamore and Treasurer Bernie Tabarini, will meet with all members intending to run for SCA board positions to discuss details for the annual meeting and the SCA in general.

The annual meeting of the SCA will be held on Tuesday, May 24 at 7:00pm at the Mansion. The plan is to hold elections for new officers at that time.  In order to have elections, a quorum of at least 20 members must be in attendance.  Any decisions on how to proceed with meetings after the May 24th meeting will be up to the next Board.  All SCA members are eligible to vote.  Please contact our current Treasurer, Bernie Tabarini, or use the Contact Us form on this site to become an SCA member or for other membership information.

At the annual meeting, the SCA Board will also be looking for volunteers to take over several of the committee chair positions.  These include the welcoming committee for new residents, the community event and youth event coordinators (for organizing events such as an Easter Egg Hunt at the Mansion, as well as a Christmas party), and the land use representative for the neighborhood.

We look forward to seeing all of our Stoneybrooke neighbors at the annual meeting on May 24th and working with each of you to revive the Stoneybrooke Citizens Association!

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