2017 Stoneybrooke Egging

***NEWS FLASH*** The SCA board has caught wind of an upcoming egging event!!

Fortunately, this will not require residents to quickly wash raw eggs off of their homes and cars. Instead, interested residents may sign up to have candy filled plastic eggs placed in the front yard with a note from the Easter Bunny, courtesy of the SCA.

Please sign up (include name and address) or ask questions here or e-mail SCAboard@stoneybrooke.org


  1. My yard is available. How many eggs should I hide?

    • Stoneybrooke Admin

      Actually, we’re doing the “egging”! We’ll be placing eggs and a note from the Easter Bunny in the yards of those who sign up Saturday night.

  2. Oh my, I just saw this. Oops!!! Our yard is certainly available for “egging” for the wee ones. 🐰 Please feel feee to have the Easter Bunny visit and egg-away. Happy Easter to all. Enjoy!! 🐣

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