Stoneybrooke Halloween Festivities 2021

Now that the weather is beginning to cool, we can settle in and prepare for all that fall has to offer. One of the events Stoneybrooke loves is Halloween. This year, Halloween is on a Sunday and trick or treating will be from 5-8pm. 

Since Covid is still prevalent, the setup will be similar to last year. Neighbors, who choose to participate, should set up a table outside of their house to distribute treats/tricks. The treats should be spread out to limit the spread of germs (e.g., individual bags, cups, treats spaced out on table).  NO COMMUNAL BOWLS.  

Also, a variety of treats is always appreciated, but especially for those who have allergies. Kids love candy, but other ideas are playdough, bubbles, or other small trinkets. Check out more ideas here.

Mina’s Tamales will be the food truck on site for the event.  Note: the truck is here on Sunday, instead of the usual Saturday.  Pre-order is available.  

The SCA is also excited to share that we will have several contests again this year.  Prizes will be awarded.  

  • Table Design:  Who will have the best table design to distribute candy?  I remember a few good ones from last year:  “Stoneybucks Candies” and “Is it Halloween or Christmas?”
  • Pumpkin Carving:  Creepy, funny, friendly, scary?  You decide!
  • Pet Costume:  Kids are cute, but pets in costumes?!?! The BEST!
  • House Decorated: Pull out all the tricks or head to Home Depot and dress up your house!  

Submit a picture for each submission (ex. 3 pumpkins = 3 pictures) to by Nov. 1.  

Complete the sign-up form so we can have an estimate of the number of trick or treaters.  A map will be created to locate houses who are passing out treats.  

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